Hi! ︎ I’m Emi, a Sydney based graphic designer and illustrator. Having graduated from ︎UTS with a BA in VisCom︎and International Studies, I’m interested in creating accessible & joyful︎ expressions of visual communication. I’m currently at Evi O. Studio and working with Designer George Saad, but when I’m not creating ︎ I can often be found doing my nails or thinking about my next meal.

Australian Book Industry Awards 

The Australian Book Industry Awards is an annual event celebrating the best of Australian writing and publishing. As a part of my internship with Harper Collins Design Studio I was given the opportunity to re-brand the event for 2021. Inspired by similar references with a bold and graphic branding style, the new ABIA look centred around punctuation symbols, a playful contemporary colour palette and statement typography which offers a nod to the sophistication of the art deco era. Click here to see more of the project and read my and fellow ABIA designer Tor Will’s interview!  ⁣