Hi! ︎ I’m Emi, a Sydney based graphic designer and illustrator. Having graduated from ︎UTS with a BA in VisCom︎and International Studies, I’m interested in creating accessible & joyful︎ expressions of visual communication. I’m currently at Evi O. Studio and working with Designer George Saad, but when I’m not creating ︎ I can often be found doing my nails or thinking about my next meal.

Student Group Project
Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre Campaign

As part of the Socially Responsible Design course at UTS, this project was a collaboration between Alex Shute, Michelle Nguyen, Wendy Trinh, Hyeonjeong Erin Yuk and myself. The brief was to create a targeted advertisement campaign designed for the purpose of mobilising law student to volunteer for Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre in Lismore. Our goal was to capture the workplace values of care and compassion for individual clients through unique illustrations, while integrating real life case study stories. The primary slogan of the campaign “learn more than just their name” was designed to communicate community connection whilst suggesting that students would be able to gain skills and knowledge from the experience.