Hi! ︎ I’m Emi, a Sydney based graphic designer and illustrator. Having graduated from ︎UTS with a BA in VisCom︎and International Studies, I’m interested in creating accessible & joyful︎ expressions of visual communication. I’m currently at Evi O. Studio and working with Designer George Saad, but when I’m not creating ︎ I can often be found doing my nails or thinking about my next meal.

Digital Campaign
Volunteer Project 
Share the Harvest 

Share the Harvest 2021 was a collaboration between Menai Anglican Church and the Asylum Seekers Centre Newtown. As a online donation drive, a branded campaign was created in order to boost traffic to the main donation page. COVID Restrictions during the pandemic meant that the usual food donation drive could not take place. Campaign material thus needed to be able to drum up support through social media friendly visuals. This was achieved through a energetic colour pallet and minimalistic illustrations to capture a friendly and lively feel.